The youth ministry is comprised of six committee members.  There are approximately 15 young people who consistently attend youth service on a regular (week-by-week basis) every Friday night.  The youth ministry focuses on the scriptures (in the form of Bible Reading, Scripture Showers, Bible Boxing, and Testimonies), as it applies to our daily lives in trying to please God and to be good examples in our walk, our talk, and our behavior. The youths are reminded to always be thankful to God for all the benefits that he has afforded to us.

We hold fundraisers, parties, and other activities in which the youths can come and express themselves in singing, dancing, poetry, etc. We are also apart of the Pentecostal Association of North America (PANA). We participate in all their youth activities, which include an annual Youth Retreat.

We plan to have a group of young people who will not be afraid to tell others about God and how he sent his Son, Jesus to die on the cross for our sins.  In the future, we will be paying visits to children’s hospitals and juvenile centers, with the hope that we can spread God’s word and touch the lives of lost and troubled young people who are in search of a better life.

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Marilyn Hamilton

CHGC Youth Overseer