The Christian Education Department of Crown Heights Gospel Church Inc. is dedicated to instilling the precepts of the bible in the members of our congregation and our visitors. As a department, our mission is to inculcate the word of God in love and without compromise; we aim to teach in a manner that is understandable to all, whilst offering them hope and peace in Jesus Christ, without condemnation. We have classes available for everyone, ranging from the youngest child to the more seasoned adult. We strive to create a warm and enriching environment for our members and visitors; one which fosters the development of deeper, more meaningful relationships with our heavenly father. Throughout the year, we host various events that showcase the wealth of knowledge that our students have gathered in classes.  These events not only display the richness of our students’ spiritual and biblical growth, but they also help to cultivate the sense of strong family bonds between the congregation and the community.  We were made to worship him, and so, our commitment to God’s people and our diligence and reverence in imparting his truth, is our way of fulfilling our divine purpose here on earth.

Lady Debra Joseph – Sunday School Superintendent